Donation Widget

Donation Widget

Add a donation widget on your website

Our donation widget easily integrates into your website, allowing users to donate to your cause in a matter of seconds. Simply embed the donation widget’s code into your website and voila! Donors are able to give money without ever leaving your site.
Donation widget- enable donations on your site
[fundraising] Donation Widget-Make giving easier

Make giving easier

Leverage user-friendly, secure donation forms to increase transactions and raise even more for your organization. The more modern the donation form, the more likely your supporters are to trust the tool.

Plus, UncommonGood’s donation widget makes it easy to give in just a few clicks. 

Customize your donation widget

Choose your own colors, fonts, logos, social media links, donation amount options, and other brand elements.

Make sure your donation form is not only eye-catching but aligns with your organization’s brand guidelines. 

[fundraising] Donation Widget - Customize to your liking

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Ready to raise more funds with custom donation forms?

Ready to raise more funds with custom donation forms?