Fundraising Sweepstakes for Nonprofits


Nonprofit sweepstakes

Promote your mission and raise critical funds while partnering with UncommonGood for execution.

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[fundraising] Sweepstakes - Incentivize donors

Incentivize donors

Build momentum by expanding the ways supporters can show their love!

Allow new and returning donors to enter to win amazing prices while simultaneously supporting your organization and its mission.

Nonprofit sweepstakes are creative ways to raise funds

Go beyond the standard fundraiser and offer unique, incredible prizes — including weekend getaways, free workshops, and high-ticket goods —  that encourage new and returning donors to support your cause.

Not sure what to offer? UncommonGood can help you brainstorm some options! 

[fundraising] Sweepstakes - Get creative
[fundraising] Sweepstakes - Gain marketing and logistics support

Gain marketing and logistics support

Let UncommonGood handle a majority of the writing, publishing, and promoting of your unique sweepstakes via online channels.

We can help you cover the marginal cost of the prize — but a majority of the money raised from purchasing entries will benefit your nonprofit organization! 

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