Nonprofit Operations Checklist


Start a checklist for your nonprofit

Manage all your marketing and fundraising tasks for your nonprofit organization in one convenient checklist

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[Checklist for Nonprofits] Prioritize effectively

Prioritize your list effectively

Tag and color code tasks by type or priority in your checklist, so you don’t miss a beat. Stay on top of all your projects without leaving the UncommonGood platform!

Optimize your workflow

No need to manually add every task to your calendar — UncommonGood automatically tracks all your deadlines so you can focus on your mission.

[Checklist for Nonprofits] Optimize your workflow
[Checklist for Nonprofits] To do list

Track your nonprofit checklist easily

Mark tasks as completed, so you can see just how far you’ve come and what your nonprofit organization has accomplished on your checklist!

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Ready to increase your team's daily productivity?

Ready to increase your team’s daily productivity?