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Fast 5 Strategies for Annual Appeals
(it's not just for year-end)

UncommonGood is proud to present “Fast 5 Strategies for Annual Appeals (it’s not just for year-end)” with Martha Mannarino, Founder of Bridge It a Nonprofit Consultant.

Through this webinar, you will:
  • Create a replicable template for your annual appeal letters and emails.
  • Learn ways to target specific segments of your donors for appeals and the most compelling messages for each.
  • Learn how to write a donor impact reporting letter that engages and makes your donors feel great about giving to your organization.

8 Steps to Develop a Cost-Effective Marketing Plan

Join us as Kate Kohl, Director of Product at UncommonGood, walks through 8 steps to develop a cost-effective marketing plan.

Wednesday, February 22nd @ 1pm EST

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why marketing matters
  • How to tie overall goals & marketing objectives together
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Differences in marketing channels and content types

Previous Webinar: Email Strategies & Templates to Engage Donors Year-Round

Tune in as professional copywriter Mary Kate Gough will walk through key practices for how to write effective fundraising emails and plan strategic campaigns for your nonprofit.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Nonprofit copywriting best practices 
  • How to form lasting relationships with your donors 
  • The art of an effective subject line 
  • How to structure your emails (with templates) 
  • & more!

Previous Webinar: How to Prepare for 2023's Annual Report Webinar 12/14

UncommonGood is proud to present “How to Prepare for 2023’s Annual Report NOW” with Katrina Prucher from Fundamental Fundraising.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
– What to collect this year for your FY23 annual report
– How to get your team involved in the report
– A template for annual reports
– How to ensure stories are being collected throughout the year

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Previous Webinar:

Nonprofit Accounting Webinar 11/15

UncommonGood is proud to present the Nonprofit Accounting Webinar with Jon Markee from Remote CPA.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
– Setting up a new nonprofit in QuickBooks Online
– The importance of financial controls and reconciling
– How QuickBooks Online can earn you money by sending invoices
– Making your compliance requirement easier
– How to read your financial statements from QuickBooks Online

Previous Webinar: Nonprofit Email Marketing Crash Course

Are you currently only sending one-of donation request emails? Do you struggle to get good click through rates for donations? Are your email designs a little lack luster? If you answered yes to any of these, then you need to watch this webinar!

Nonprofits will learn:
– How to target emails using donor data
– The art and science of creating both email copy and good design
– Which reporting statistics to go off of
– How to run drip campaigns and automations in regards to the overall marketing plan