7 Inspiring Nonprofits You Should Follow on TikTok

TikTok is the hot new social platform and many nonprofit organizations are getting on board. This generation Z heavy social network is known for dancing challenges, cooking hacks, and lip-syncing videos that offer users hours of entertainment.

Since the breakthrough platform already has over 850 million users, it presents a unique opportunity for nonprofits who are looking to connect with a new audience. When used correctly, nonprofits can share their stories on Tiktok in a relatable way that helps to promote fundraising.

This article will highlight seven nonprofits that are killing it on Tiktok.


How Nonprofits are Using Tiktok

Tiktok is a fun and effective marketing tool for nonprofits that create engaging content. It offers nonprofits the potential to reach new audiences and more supporters, especially among the younger generations. Numerous nonprofits have successfully mastered clever engagement tactics on Tiktok:

  • Hashtag Challenges: The Tiktok for Good Initiative collaborates with nonprofits to create hashtag challenges that encourage users to participate by getting them to perform a certain activity, upload a video of it to Tiktok and use the relevant hashtag.
  • Informational Videos: Videos that educate users about what a nonprofit does, whom they help, introduces them to team members, show behind-the-scenes footage, and more helps increase connection with the audience.
  • Donation Stickers: By adding the tappable Donation Stickers feature to their videos and live streams, nonprofits can make it easy for their viewers to donate to their cause without even having to leave the app.

7 Nonprofits Who are Rocking it on Tiktok

Many nonprofits are sharing terrific content on Tiktok. Yet, some are doing better than others because they’ve mastered engagement tactics by using the techniques mentioned above as well as some others. Let’s take a look at seven inspiring nonprofits who are rocking it on Tiktok and the engagement techniques that they’re using to make an impact. 

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is using Tiktok to help create a better future for wildlife. With 1.7 million followers and a total of 25.5 million likes, this nonprofit is doing great things on the platform. By sharing videos of cute and fascinating creatures doing things they naturally do such as elephants taking a bath, sea otters opening oysters, and red pandas having a snack, they are getting tons of engagement.

Oregon Zoo has also discovered the value of adding trending songs on Tiktok to these videos to elicit certain emotions which gets people to take actions such as liking, sharing, or even donating. Simply by combining these behind-the-scenes shots of their wildlife with popular Tiktok songs, they capture their audience’s attention and elicit an emotional response.

American Heart Association

In February 2021, the American Heart Association took advantage of Tiktok’s love of dance videos by implementing their “Keep the Beat” challenge. This unique social media campaign encouraged supporters of the American Heart Association to post videos of themselves moving and dancing to popular songs as a way of raising funds and awareness in honor of American Heart Month.

Besides this viral challenge, their account posts daily upbeat videos of their community members to bring about more awareness of heart disease and to encourage physical activity. This has helped the nonprofit to reach 34 000 followers and over 246,000 likes in total.

United Way

United Way is a nonprofit that has been around for over 125 years fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of all communities. Its Tiktok account highlights its mission through informative videos which serve to educate and inspire an audience of over 70,000 followers.

The high-quality content they create helps to spread awareness of societal issues to their supporters and beneficiaries. By posting videos of their various programs, using hashtag campaigns, and sharing calls for donations from their many partners, United Way has garnered almost 540,000 likes in total while also making it look fun to be involved with their essential organization.

Malala Fund

Founded by the inspirational Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, the Malala Fund aims to create a world where all girls have the freedom to go to school and learn how to read and write to reach their full potential. The organization uses its Tiktok account with over 317 000 followers and more than 3.5 million likes in total to reach a wider audience and raise funds that go towards educational programs.

Their platform is also dedicated to sharing girls’ stories and amplifying their voices. Users are encouraged to submit videos of themselves sharing their stories or personal achievements for a chance to be featured on the Malala Fund account. By posting real-life stories, this account gets tons of engagement while offering hope to girls.

No Kid Hungry

The #nokidhungry campaign was launched by the nonprofit Share Our Strength in 2010 to end child hunger in the US. They promote this campaign on Tiktok by sharing video stories about their work in the field as well as by highlighting the young faces they are working to help.

With over 44,000 followers and more than 246,000 likes in total, they are using their platform to raise funds and promote food drives which all help to alleviate childhood hunger in America. By sharing videos of the direct impact that their supporters’ donations make, they spread awareness about the plight of the children and encourage more people to donate.

Conservation International

Conservation International is a valuable nonprofit working hard to protect nature and the earth for the benefit of all. They share informational videos with their following of over 60 000 users to educate them about environmental problems as well as practical ways to conserve and save the planet. Their strategy of combining shocking video footage with dramatic voiceovers and moving background music is

This has helped the Conservation Int Tiktok account to gather over 865, 000 likes in total. Plus, the effect of these videos seems to work well at inspiring viewers to take action by liking, sharing, learning more about the issue at hand, and, of course, making donations.


The ASPCA’s strategy for success on Tiktok is to post cute animal videos and lots of them. With almost 167,000 followers and a total of over 171 000 likes, this is a technique that seems to be working for the nonprofit.

Since the ASPCA is all about ending animal cruelty, users get to follow the journey of a pet from life in the shelter to their loving forever homes after adoption. The organization uses various hashtag campaigns and video techniques to elicit an emotional response in viewers. By seeing the direct impact on the lives of animals, the ASPCA encourages their audience to adopt instead of shop while also raising the necessary funds for the animals in their care.

Be Inspired

To discover more inspirational nonprofits, check out these amazing organizations doing good all over the U.S, and make sure to follow and engage with them on Tiktok. 

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By UncommonGood

November 30, 2023

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