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It’s no secret I have a deep love for people committed to doing good. Watching a nonprofit effect tangible change in the world with limited resources is inspiring to me, and part of the impetus for creating UncommonGood. I believe it should be easy for us all to do our part in making change — and one way we can get involved is by spreading the word about organizations we admire and believe in.

In that spirit, I wanted to share four of my favorite Connecticut-based charities serving their local communities in powerful, personal ways. I’m hopeful you fall in love with their missions like I have!


Founded in 2012, RiseUp was created by a group of young professionals committed to supporting teens in urban communities across the U.S. RiseUp focuses on offering services to help kids receive the high-quality education they deserve, along with holistic wellness practices and support. 

Not only does RiseUP provide financial and professional support to organizations already committed to serving kids within their communities, but they also improve access to existing resources through its professional network. Organizing community service opportunities, RiseUP ensures kids can get involved in their communities and consistently grow themselves along the way. 

UncommonGood is proud to partner with RiseUP, and we’ve jumped in to support their current “Art maniFESTation” fundraiser. This collaborative project is intended to unify and display Connecticut’s creative community and will feature a mural competition, interactive art installations, workshops, live music & entertainment, an eclectic ARTisan market, and tasty food trucks for all to enjoy. 

The ART maniFESTation project specifically aims to achieve the following:

  • Unify Connecticut’s creative community.
  • Enhance the Wall Street Historic District and Greater Norwalk area with new and refreshed public murals and experiences.
  • Provide paid work opportunities for Connecticut-based creatives.
  • Increase pedestrian traffic throughout the Downtown Norwalk area. 
  • Support and generate overall awareness for Connecticut artists, organizations, and businesses.

Through the end of August, all donations to RiseUP made through UncommonGood’s platform will go towards this ART maniFESTation project.

Hoops 4 All

This incredible nonprofit is a community-based extension of the organization Young Athletes 4 Change. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Hoops 4 All seeks to provide residents and neighboring communities ages 13-24 with mentoring, tutoring, fundamental athletic training, living skills and workshops, enrichment programs, and overall care and fellowships.

Hoops 4 All founder and CEO Wilner Popie Joseph considers the organization his most significant project to date. While it was founded in 2017, Hoops 4 All has grown into so much more. This nonprofit facilitates programs and events where social justice, activism, and awareness parallel basketball skills training and performance.

According to the Hoops 4 All website, Wilner truly believes that “through empowering the connection between sports and civic engagement, we can collectively support our future generations. This work fuels the opportunities needed for lasting change.” And I couldn’t agree more.

UncommonGood is committed to offering support and resources to this important organization and its mission to transform the lives of youth in Connecticut. You can donate to Hoops 4 All now on UncommonGood’s website.

Lucky Dog Refuge

Not to be confused with a dog rescue organization, this nonprofit does so much more. Lucky Dog Refuge is a nonprofit based in Stamford, Connecticut that provides a haven for dogs in dire situations. Focusing on dogs who are strays and abandoned, starving, injured, or sick, Lucky Dog provides pups with quality care and a whole lot of love. Whether at their physical headquarters or coordinated with a rescue partner in a nearby area, Lucky Dog Refuge rehabilitates canines who are in desperate need of help and love. 

Along with this physical care, Lucky Dog provides volunteer and fostering opportunities for people looking to help these dogs, too. Their motto? A lucky dog is a happy dog. What’s not to love about that?

For more information, check out their site.

Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County

America has a childcare crisis that has been exacerbated since the pandemic. The Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County are taking this issue head-on with quality programming for kids.

With eight locations across Connecticut, it is the second-largest early childhood education provider in the state and a leader in high-quality and affordable early childhood education and care programs.

Not only is this nonprofit empowering families to be their own advocates when faced with early education obstacles, they’re also taking care of kids’ physical needs too. All children in the CLC program are provided with two meals and a snack a day at no cost to their families. Their food program alone makes the CLC the largest food provider for young children within Southwest Connecticut. 

In 2020, this impressive nonprofit was named both Bank of America Neighborhood Builder and Best Friend to Children by Moffly Media from Light a Fire.

We are proud to support such important work that’s impacting lives daily, and we’re thrilled that the CLC of Fairfield County is getting the recognition they deserve. 


Check Out UncommonGood’s Full List of Nonprofits

When I founded UncommonGood, I wanted to support and lift up nonprofits in their mission to change their local communities and the world. Currently, we’re working with 16 nonprofits doing magnificent work across the country — and we continue to grow! I fiercely believe in each of the causes we champion, and I am so honored to help provide the services and support they need to achieve their goals. But I can’t do it without you!

Check out our list of organizations to learn more and enter one of our sweepstakes supporting these great causes.

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