Meet the UncommonGood Team: Jessee Ransone

Meet the UncommonGood Team: Jessee Ransone blog post

Jessee joined the UncommonGood team right after graduating with a BA in International Business. In her role as Project Manager, Jessee works with all of the UncommonGood team members, ensuring that project timelines are met and UG’s software is innovative and cutting edge. She works with new UG partner nonprofits during onboarding, gives demos of the software, and dabbles in social media content creation.

Growing Up Giving Back

Growing up, Jessee was involved in The Keiki Paddle, a nonprofit organization that raises money for children in the Santa Barbara community that are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. As a participating member, every child is responsible for raising $100. This taught her the importance of giving back and helping the community. Jessee participated in the paddle for most of her childhood and according to her, the best part about growing up with this nonprofit was the barbecue at the end of the paddle when they would come together as a community and encourage that year’s recipient.

This early childhood experience instilled in Jessee that doing good is something that will make a positive impact beyond yourself and that “good” lies deeper than just one person. 

Working at UncommonGood

“I love how dedicated UncommonGood is to nonprofits. After college, I wanted to make an impact and I truly believe that UncommonGood’s software is helping nonprofits around the country make the biggest impact in their community,” Jessee said.

According to Jessee, UncommonGood has provided her with a space where she feels heard and accepted for who she is. UncommonGood is extremely dedicated to the health of its employees, both mentally and physically and is an especially welcoming company that has allowed her to grow on a personal and professional level.

Jesse also loves that she gets to interact with different nonprofits in her role as Project Manager. “I love speaking to people about their organization and hearing the passion behind their mission. There are so many different nonprofits around the country that make an impact in their community and to be able to help increase their impact with UncommonGood is incredible.”

A common problem amongst nonprofit organizations is not having a streamlined way to accept donations. Using UncommonGood’s easy-to-embed donation widget, Jessee was able to help Mothers for Others install the code so that they could easily accept donations online. Not only can they now seamlessly collect donations but donors can cover the credit card fees and dedicate their donations. This access to technology has directly impacted the way that Mothers for Others and many other nonprofits receive donations. Since we live in a day and age where technology is at the forefront of our lives, having access to online donations is vital for nonprofits.

Doing Good

Surfing is one of Jessee’s greatest passions and she feels at home in the ocean. As a female surfer, she’s experienced first hand how male-dominated and intimidating surfing can be for women. As an active member of the Windansea Surf Club, a world-renowned surf club in San Diego, Jessee is proud to be a part of Women of Windansea, a group within the club that provides a space where women and girls can come together, surf, and be a part of this community. 

Windansea Surf Club was founded in 1960, and since then has been dedicated to the excellence of surfing and the preservation of our coastal community. As a member, she has participated in surf contests as well as volunteered for our community. Windansea Surf Club organizes “Day at the Beach” multiple times throughout the year. At this event, members teach foster youth and challenged athletes how to surf and respect the coast. Being a part of this organization has allowed Jessee to spread the joy of surfing and the importance of the ocean. “I want generations after me to be able to experience the beauty of the ocean and all the pleasures it brings,” said Jessee, “that’s why I’m also passionate about the environment and making sure the ocean stays clean.”

Uncommon Facts

  • Something uncommon about me is that I love to “groundscore”. Groundscoring is the art of finding miscellaneous items on the street and repurposing them. I have always loved finding things and making them into something useful. One of my favorite groundscores was a trashed skateboard deck which I then sanded down and my friend painted. This groundscore is now an art piece in my room. 
Painted Skateboard
  • I played water polo for fourteen years including 5 years at the division one collegiate level. This is uncommon because I was able to return to play a fifth year due to my senior season being canceled in 2020 because of COVID. I was able to finish out my water polo career at UCSD as a fifth-year athlete. Although my fifth year was highly impacted by COVID restrictions, I was able to play my last season and make long-lasting relationships with my teammates. This time taught me to be grateful for every opportunity you are given because the future is uncertain. In 2020 I had no idea my last practice would be the last time I was in the pool with my teammates for almost an entire year. Being able to return to UCSD and finish my water polo career was a privilege that I am eternally grateful for.

If you have a heart for nonprofits like Jessee does, then we encourage you to check out UncommonGood’s partner nonprofits who would love your time as a volunteer.

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