Nonprofit Fundraising: Why You Need to Update Your Tech Now

Nonprofit organizations often don’t have access to the technology that would help them do their jobs better. When it comes to online marketing and best practices in administration, nonprofit organizations are typically at a disadvantage compared to those in the for-profit or even government sectors — but, not for lack of trying! These differences can be caused by a variety of factors including small staff sizes or limited budgets.  

Regardless, investing in nonprofit technology isn’t wasteful as long as you make appropriate choices. The right fundraising technology can help your organization raise crucial funds, support, and resources that result in long-term sustainability and improved social impact. 

The Cost of Outdated or Brittle Technology

Too often, leaders of small nonprofits make do with outdated or inflexible technology for as long as possible. This may have been seen as frugal in the past, but in today’s world, it is risky and expensive. Here are a few risks to consider:

  • Lack of security: What would happen if there was a data breach or hackers broke into your system? Would it hurt your organization’s reputation or the people who depend on your services? What about your staff, volunteers, funders, and donors? Outdated software is especially vulnerable. Luckily, there are inexpensive yet secure platforms and software subscriptions.
  • Inefficiency and lost productivity: How many hours do staff and volunteers spend trying to work with lagging software or searching for seemingly hidden files? Your team’s time is one of your most precious resources.
  • Lack of continuity: Many nonprofit leaders have developed excellent memories since it helps them succeed with limited resources. However, when a new team member or volunteer joins, the relationships can be lost. A good donor database gives the organization continuity since relationships no longer rely on one key team member’s memory.
  • Lost opportunities: What happens if your organization doesn’t have a strong Instagram or Facebook presence but another nonprofit does? One potential missed opportunity might be the loss of potential volunteers who search social media for a way to get involved. Or perhaps you might miss out on that donor because your organization ranks lower in Google search results.

Using Technology for Better Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising management software and other nonprofit tech solutions should make your nonprofit marketing and fundraising more efficient, freeing your team to focus on their core mission. Ultimately, these tools help small organizations operate strategically and nimbly.

If your organization needs to enter or improve online fundraising there are so many things to consider. You need a cost-effective platform with transparent pricing. After all, you are the steward of your organization’s resources and your donors trust you. You also need a secure platform to protect the financial security and privacy of your donors, funders, and the organization itself.

Today’s consumers and donors expect an easy experience when they go online. They are more likely to trust a fundraising platform that allows them to use their preferred payment methods to make donations.

Improving Your Online Marketing

Lack of technology also hurts nonprofits when competing for supporters’ attention on social media. Many small charitable organizations lack the staff time required for an engaging and professional social media presence and rely on inexperienced interns or volunteers. In addition, the lack of premium software like graphic design and video production tools makes it hard to create engaging content.

Fortunately, those problems are easily solved with creativity, resourcefulness, and a few free or inexpensive tools. Investing in your online presence allows you to reach people who spend time, recruit volunteers, research new opportunities, and run effective peer to peer fundraising campaigns.

These days, a decent website isn’t enough. The website also needs to be mobile-friendly as so many people use their phones to go online. Your website acts as a hub connecting supporters with your social media profiles, self-published content, and any other key information like media mentions.

Whenever you use a fundraising platform, choose one that allows you to incorporate your organization’s branding and your unique voice. This also helps instill trust.

In addition to social media, a robust donor database system is one secret to many organizations’ success. Salespeople have used customer relationship management tools for years, but they are a boon to any marketing, sales, fundraising, volunteer management, or stakeholder communications efforts. 

The best donor database systems for today’s nonprofits integrate with social media and other digital marketing tools. This helps you track data and tiny details that allow your organization to better get to know supporters and consistently engage with them. 

Improve Administrative Efficiency

The benefits technology offers can go beyond online fundraising and marketing. An effective technology plan can cover bookkeeping, record keeping, and other administrative tools that help you remain transparent without taking too much staff time. 

UncommonGood Can Help

Effective nonprofit tech doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to use. UncommonGood’s easy-to-use engagement platform helps nonprofit organizations build community, efficiently raise funds, and more. Some key features include:

  • Develop a community-oriented rewards program.
  • Access to easy-to-use yet powerful fundraising tools.
  • Run values-driven sweepstakes.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities.
  • Tell your organization’s story while maintaining consistent branding.

Contact us today for a free demonstration and a guide to getting started!

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By UncommonGood

November 30, 2023

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