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Here at UncommonGood, we believe that impact comes in all shapes and sizes. You don’t need to start a nonprofit or quit your day job to make a difference in the world. Small but impactful gestures can really improve someone’s day or life! And while you could reshare a charity’s post on your stories to make yourself feel good, we want to challenge you to get out there and really make a difference.

Give Food to the Homeless 

If you have untouched leftovers from a night out, (such as pizza slices or a second uneaten chicken breast) have the restaurant box it up with some to-go utensils and pass it along to a homeless person who really needs a meal. If you’re going out of town soon, make some sandwiches or Lunchable-style meals with the food in your fridge that you know you won’t use before you leave. Then put them in tinfoil or sandwich bags and pass them out to the person you always pass by on the corner. Don’t forget to take a minute to talk to them!

Write Someone a Letter

Today’s technological world has everyone glued to their phones, smartwatches, and tablets yet far away from tangible human interaction. Go old school and write someone a letter – tell them how much you appreciate them or your favorite memory of them. Then send it in the mail or drop it off at their doorstep! You’ll never know how much a small gesture can mean to someone.

Pay It Forward

Yes, like the movie – do a good deed or favor for someone free of charge and without any expectation of a favor in return. It could be as simple as buying the person behind you in line their coffee, mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn while you’re doing your own, or leaving some extra change at the bus stop with a note for someone in need. No need to ask them to pay it forward or even make it known who you are. Usually, when someone does good, it inspires others to do the same. Plus it makes both of you feel good! P.S. don’t go looking for likes by posting about it on social media.

Bring Over a Casserole

Maybe you know someone going through a tough time or you have a new neighbor? Instead of giving them space or not wanting to intrude, change your mindset and show them some love. Whether you make the casserole yourself or cheat a little and buy it from a local restaurant, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you went out of your way shows how much you care. UG Hint – ask them how else you can help!

Volunteer Your Talents

Are you an excel and accounting wiz? Do you have a knack for TikTok videos? Maybe it’s even your day job! Whatever your talents and skills are, a nonprofit could use them. While many people think of volunteering as playing with cute puppies or stocking shelves, they forget that nonprofits still need to run the business end of things as well. While the back-end business might not be as glamorous, your skills would be much appreciated. What takes you 15 minutes to do could take a staff member who’s less familiar with the task over an hour to do.

We hope that these uncommon ideas inspire you to be creative and make an impact! Doing unexpected good actually makes you feel good about yourself and can even help bring peace and healing to yourself while you help another person. Remember – human interaction is a good thing; it feeds your soul!  

If you need help finding a nonprofit to volunteer your talents with, check out some of our favorites below.


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