Accounting Software for Small Business

UncommonGood’s accounting software streamlines small business finances. Invoice, receive payments, track expenses, and generate reports effortlessly.

Create Invoices for your Business

With UncommonGood, generating and sending out invoices is simple.

Templated invoices

Customize invoice templates for one-time or recurring needs.

Attach documentation

Provide discounts, attach documents, or add notes.

Digitally accept and send payment

Email invoices promptly.

Payment Widgets

Get paid through your website.

Accept digital payments

Offer flat rate and a la carte services on your website. Clients pay seamlessly via your site’s payment widget.

Automated accounting software

Automated invoices email clients receipts and update your books, with payment notifications sent via software and email.

No platform upcharge

UncommonGood has no percentage fee!

Client Portal

Clients can log in to access invoices, view purchase history, and obtain tax information.

Easy client access

Provide clients with easy access to all required receipts or invoices.

No more checks

Pay invoices online with various payment methods like credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, ACH, and others.


Business Proposal Tool

Create business proposals with ease.


Proposal templates

Customize and send a business proposal, requesting a deposit or upfront payment for client acceptance.

Simplified accounting

Generate an invoice automatically once the service agreement is accepted.


Document repository

Digitize signed contracts.

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