Andie’s Work-Life Harmony

Meet Andie – a new mom, and a soon-to-be part-time copywriter extraordinaire, all thanks to UncommonGood.

Andie is in the throes of toddlerhood, juggling the joys of motherhood while seeking a balance with part-time work. With the support of her partner, she’s gearing up to dive back into her passion for copywriting, post-baby.

Her desire stems not just from supplementing family income but also from reclaiming time for her own creativity. She’s set her sights on freelance copywriting, but before diving in, she needed the right platform to market her offerings and engage with clients efficiently.

Enter UncommonGood. It’s become her go-to for setting up her freelance business, spreading the word about her copywriting services, and accessing tools to manage clients and finances. What’s crucial for Andie is spending less time managing and promoting herself and more time doing what she loves – writing.


Her ultimate goal? To find that sweet spot of work-life balance, cherishing moments with her family, devoting time to her writing, and still somehow squeezing in moments for herself.

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Work/life: balanced.

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