Meet the UncommonGood Team: Roger Lopez

Roger Lopez & his daughter

Roger has over 6 years of experience in website and app development, including developing gamified technologies. He joined the UncommonGood team as a Front-end Engineer because he wanted to work at a company where his work could make a huge, meaningful difference. As a front-end engineer, Roger codes all of the front-facing software features to look great and have an even better, user-friendly experience. 

Knowledge is Power

Growing up in a single-parent household in Mexico, Roger was taught to never give up and to keep going no matter how hard life is. His mother instilled this perseverance and determination in him from a young age. This has translated into Roger’s work ethic, his passion for sharing knowledge, and his belief in education.

Roger started teaching himself about website development when he was around 15 years old when he began coding multiplayer maps for GTA San Andreas (a video game). He learned almost everything by himself but went on to university to get a more in-depth background and solidify his knowledge. In Mexico, education is expensive and hard to access, so Roger pledged to share his knowledge and never charge for his teachings. He began to give speeches and workshops on mobile development, web development, and his professional experience as a developer at Universidad autónoma de Sinaloa, Universidad tecnológica de Culiacán, and at multi-university conventions. Even to this day, Roger works on personal game development projects and continues to expand his wealth of knowledge by reading and watching videos about world history.

UncommonGood is Changing Lives

“Since day one, I have felt welcomed and supported at UncommonGood. I’m surrounded by really friendly and professional people with a rock solid work ethic and vast experience that I can learn from.” Roger said.

According to Roger, technology changes lives and UncommonGood is providing technology to nonprofits to help them change both the lives of the nonprofit workers and the people the nonprofit helps. This really resonated with him and is the reason he loves being able to code customer requests into web pages, turning them into reality so they can enjoy and use the website features for good. 

Roger’s passion for video games and gamification came into play when the team was designing the registration page of UncommonGood. Roger felt it needed more celebration, so he suggested adding fireworks and coded the program to “set off” the fireworks once someone registers with UncommonGood to celebrate the good they are about to do. 

Uncommon Facts

  • Roger recently joined a bird-watching group, Observación de aves Sinaloa, and is enjoying participating.
  • He was a folklore dancer when he was younger. He went to many cities to dance with the dance group from his school. They did dances from the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, and Sinaloa and they celebrated Mexican culture as a whole.

Children dancing traditional Mexican dances

  • Roger volunteered in the campaign for the first-ever independently elected federal deputy in modern Mexican history, Manuel Clouthier, which marked a dent in the Mexican political system at the time and made him realize that change can happen democratically.
  • He really enjoy games in the grand strategy genre and city builders, his favorites are Victoria 3 and Foundation.

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