Doing Things the

Uncommon Way

UncommonGood is a cloud-based software solution that helps nonprofits do more good every day by eliminating inefficiencies and providing nonprofits with modern technology.

UncommonGood was founded on the idea that nonprofit organizations should have access to the same high-quality tools and resources as for-profit companies, without having to spend half their budget on them. By providing an all-inclusive platform for nonprofits to manage their operations, marketing, and fundraising efforts, UncommonGood enables nonprofits to focus more on what matters, doing good.

Our technology supports social change that is accessible.

We eliminate technological barriers and build user-friendly ways to leverage software.

Impact comes in all shapes and sizes

We provide solutions that are adaptable to all types of organizations.


Change starts with a story

We champion the power of storytelling and personal connection on our platform.

Inclusive culture is strenght

We are committed to building a stronger future by including a large diversity of voices.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower your mission. UncommonGood’s affordable software platform provides a streamlined suite of fundraising, marketing, and operations tools. That way, you can spend less time on administrative overhead and more on your cause and your community.

Our Team


Carolyn Driscoll She/ Her

Founder and CEO

Márcio Bortolini He/ Him

Head of Technology

Katelin Kohl She/ Her

Head of Product

Maria Miller She/ Her

Chief Partnerships Officer

Sales & Customer Success

Jen Morgan She/Her

Customer Success Manager & Sales Development Representative

Jessee Ransone She/Her

Customer Success Manager & Sales Development Representative

Software & Website Development

Roger Lopez He/Him

Senior Frontend Developer

Tony Carbajal He/Him

Senior Backend Developer

Franco Carballo He/Him

Senior Frontend Developer

Victor Cruz He/Him

Senior Fullstack Developer

Jose Quesada He/Him

Quality Assurance Engineer

Luan Lazzari He/ Him

Software Developer

Vinícius Morandi He/ Him

Software Developer

Lorenzo Menegotto He/ Him

Software Developer

Guilherme Silva He/ Him

Software Developer

Fábio Brand He/ Him

Branding & Web Design

Lovelace Filson She/ Her

UX/ UI Designer

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Do you want to do good in the world and make an impact? Looking for an inclusive team that you can grow with? Want to work remotely?

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