Nonprofit Marketing Software

Boost your nonprofit’s marketing with UncommonGood’s all-in-one tools. Attract supporters with a compelling website, manage donor information, and engage them with an email campaign, along with creating ads and running digital campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Design and send branded emails to keep your donors updated on new events, fundraising needs, and more.

Template email designs

Design branded emails easily with a drag & drop tool, using templates or starting from scratch.

Personalize emails

Send targeted messages and communicate with anyone in your donor database.

Pre schedule email sends

Track email metrics for campaign analysis.

No third party servers

UncommonGood can host your email domains, eliminating the need for additional email service providers.

Custom Profile Pages

Create a custom page for your organization to inform potential donors about your organization during crowdfunding or Peer-To-Peer campaigns.

Amplify your reach

Expand and engage your donor network.

Find new donors

Promote your nonprofit’s mission to potential supporters through UncommonGood’s consumer-facing platform.

List your NPO

Customize your profile with a description of your organization and its mission.

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