Nonprofit Operations Software

UncommonGood’s nonprofit toolkit streamlines management with automation and online tools for volunteers, donors, and projects.

Donor Database

Track all interactions with your nonprofit.

Nonprofit CRM: Donor database

Track every individual interacting with your organization with our simple donor database tool, tailored to your  needs.

Automated database software

Combine automatic and manual functions to record and sort contact information.

Segment donors and supporters

Tag your donors, create lists and segment your audiences.

Nonprofit Calendar

Maximize team effiency by viewing tasks and events in one place.

Manage your team calendar

Add tasks to your to-do list, and stay informed about your teammate’s progress.

Automate tasks

Track emails, deadlines, and tasks.

Stay organized

Stay organized with tags and color-coded events.

Nonprofits operations checklist 

Streamline your marketing and fundraising with a single, user-friendly checklist.

Track with ease

Tag and color-code tasks in your checklist by type or priority.

Focus on deadlines

Track all of your deadlines automatically.


Accomplish more

Mark tasks as complete to track your progress and achievements on your checklist!

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