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Custom Website Builder

UncommonGood offers cost-effective and user-friendly custom website solutions, empowering freelancers and small businesses to effectively showcase their offerings.

Custom Website Benefits

Clean, modern look

Set your business’ online presence apart with a professional, custom website.

Provide customizable services individually and receive payment directly via your website.

Custom websites include UncommonGood payment widgets for seamless payment processing and data storage in your CRM upon site launch.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Our templates prioritize user experience and high performance for seamless adaptability across all devices.

Easily edit and navigate the backend

Each website is built to ensure a simple and straightforward way to make needed changes. 

Custom Website Features:

SSL Certificate

Ensures your website is secure and encrypted to guarantee the safety of each monetary transaction.


Allows you to build webpages, store graphics and images, and customize the design without knowing HTML code.


Theme Builder

Updates the website template with your business’ brand – from colors to fonts and everything in between – with a few simple clicks.


Check Out These Live, Custom Website

Land Heritage Coalition of Glastonbury

The Land Heritage Coalition focuses on local land use issues, seeking ways to foster support of farming, to acquire open space and to protect wetlands, flood plains, surface and ground water sources.

CrREIV Foundation

CrREIV Foundation is a dedicated nonprofit organization committed to supporting and empowering victims of domestic abuse and those who have been exposed to emotional, psychological, and mental abuse. Our primary focus is on women and children who have suffered from these harrowing experiences, and as a result, have developed complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) symptoms.

VP Cares

Nourish the children with good health and education for they will build the future generation.


Little Angel hands

Helping families with children who have mental or physical disabilities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you train users on how to use the site?

YES! We have two (1) hour sessions with your company; 1 to onboard your business  and understand your website’s needs then 1 to train you on how to use the backend of  your WordPress website we’ve created.

Do you import the existing content or have to start from scratch?

Either! The more information you give us the better. We can take what you have and make it better or we can start over. We also offer additional copywriting and marketing services through our freelancers here:

Can we offer additional online payment besides the payment widget?

Yes! The UncommonGood widget works with all major credit cards, ACH, Apple &  Google Pay, and debit cards but you can always offer your supporters additional ways to give.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! You can use a custom domain that you’ve purchased from a domain registry. We can work with you to set up the URL and DNS record.

Do you manage the sites?

UncommonGood will make sure that your site it always up-to-date from a technical standpoint by update WordPress plugins, themes, etc. but after we build your initial website, it will be up to you to update the content (unless you’d like to hire expert services).

Is it SEO optimized?

You have the ability to optimize your website for search engine algorithms using the Yoast SEO plugin on the backend of your website. We do not offer this while building your website but do offer it as an expert service. 

What is not included?

Should you want to customize your domain name, you will need to buy it separately (we can help set it up once you buy it). We also do not offer email hosting for specific domain names or CPanel/ backend tools at this time.


Is the site secure?