New UncommonGood Features to Power Your Success

ChatGPT integration, built-in email tools, proposals, and new templates coming in hot

We’re so excited to share the latest new features cooked up by our amazing product team. Here’s all the newness for your business toolkit.

ChatGPT Integration

You’re already saving time by managing both your (virtual) back and front offices with UncommonGood. Why not let AI take even more off your plate?

ChatGPT now integrates with all text fields in UncommonGood! This means you can auto-generate or revise copy on your landing pages, invoices, forms, and more.

Enhance your writing with SmartText in every text field

Custom Proposals

Set the tone for easy-breezy client relationships with our custom Proposals feature. Both you and your clients will love how quick and easy it is to get down to business–that’s a win-win in our book!

With UncommonGood’s Proposals feature, you can:

  • Create and send proposals right from the platform
  • Customize the look and feel of each proposal
  • Present multiple packages for clients to choose from
  • Require clients to pay a deposit when they accept a proposal
  • Bonus: Sit back and relax as UncommonGood auto-generates your first invoice!
Give clients more options by configuring single or multiple product packages

Built-in Email Tools

No more third-party tools are necessary to send beautiful emails to your subscribers! Your UncommonGood subscription includes all email features, including over 100 ready-made templates and the ability to send from your domain.

Easily customize your email templates with drag-and-drop elements

New Templates

We’ve added hundreds of new templates for email campaigns, landing pages, and forms to help you find a perfect (and professional) fit for your vibe. No graphic design skills are necessary, but go crazy and customize to your heart’s content!

Choose from over 100 templates when designing your email campaigns

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By Kate Kohl

January 29, 2024

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